Server Connection Unreliable ?

Playing face-to-face with the most recent version of VASSAL, we find with my hosting the game, the other player looses Legacy server connection at least a couple of times an hour, particularly if there is a break in his responses of over 5 mins. It is getting old.

Is this just par for the course, or is the Legacy Server not the right choice, or does everyone go peer-to-peer?

Is this known VASSAL behavior, or is there definitely something wrong with his or my comms?

I beg to learn more about the Mysteries of VASSAL.

Thanks for the sanity check.

Hi VANorm,

Has this issue ever been addressed by a patch a patch or workaround?

I am asking because I posted the same error a couple of years ago.


The client in VASSAL 3.3.0 sends a message to the server periodically to keep otherwise idle connections from being closed. Please try that if you’re still having dropped connections.