Server Stability?


we use vassal on a weekly basis, usually Friday nights & Saturday from about noon till late. (USA East Coast times). The last month or two we have experienced multiple disconnects & what appear to be the vassal server becoming unavailable on each day we play. We also have been getting situations where the movement of items takes several minutes before it gets sent to the other players.

Is there currently issues with the server during these periods? If there is not, any suggestions on what we can check in our module as to what is causing all these issues?

If there is problems with the vassal server, would it be possible to get something indicating such? I’ve not seen any posts re this (besides the occasional one from individuals that appear to be having issues as well) Is it possible for us to host our own server?

We have tried peer to peer, but due to what we suspect to be router/firewall configurations of a couple of the players which is out of their control, this has not worked.

We have players on a regular basis from multiple continents.