Servers crashing???

So noticed the VASSAL servers crashed three times since Sunday. Anyone know what the cause/problem is? And is there anyway we the players enjoying the benefits of VASSAL can help?


Monetary donations are always welcomed. (to VASSAL, not me :slight_smile: )

Thus spake “Bessieres”:

The long outage on Sunday was due to a problem with an OC48 backbone.
A large part of Arizona was without service at the same time. There was
nothing we could have done about that.

The shorter two outages are due to the intermitent problem which the
game server which we’ve been unable to determine the cause of. The two
things you could do are (1) help Rodney finish the Jabber server so we can
switch to that, or (2) look at the current server code and determine what
the problem is (I’d be happy to supply multiple stack dumps from times when
the server has stopped).


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