setting map resolution ............

i play eurofront , a big map.

everytime i start up i need to change the map resolution…

how can i set the game to open on a certain % permanently?

can’t find anything in the preferences.

various versions of this module have had different % on opening.

any advice appreciated.

It’ll be under the Map settings, find the Zoom one and the default zoom level will be the one with star next to it.

thanks…but no such mechanic in eurofront preferences.

the zoom/out buttons are on the tool bar.
any mapping in the preferences is not in regard to % of zoom.

thanks anyway

Thus spake “monkeyking”:

It’s not in the preferences. You have to edit the module. Look under
Map > Zoom capability in the tree.


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wow , who would have thought!

elementary my dear watson!
except for this bluddger who only plays.

thanks people for illuminating the mechanics.