Setting Multiple Global Properties with 1 Command

I need a game piece to update 2 global properties on 1 command (Pandemic’s “Infect” will expend a disease cube from supply, and add a disease cube to a city).

So I add a “Set Global Property” trait to a game piece to increment the disease count on a city.
Then I added another “Set Global Property” trait to the game piece to decrement the global disease cube count.
Then I added a Trigger Action to link the above 2 commands together.

But I see all the sub-commands when right-clicking on the piece.

For now, I just pushed the sub-commands (not meant for explicit invocation) to the bottom of the list.

If you don’t want a Command to appear in the drop-down menu, then don’t give it a Menu Command, just leave it blank.

And… you would be right! Thanks!

So, has there been much need for Java in Vassal modules? Maybe only for complex maths rules?