Setting the value of property sheets


I’m creating a mod where a bunch of units share specific attributes, but not the values of those attributes. So, they all have a level, AC, HP, but one unit is 1, 12, and 20 while the next unit is 2, 14, and 30.

I was hoping to create a prototype with a property sheet to format the presentation correctly, apply this prototype to the appropriate units, and assign a marker to the unit to prime the value for each property. Unfortunately, I can’t get property sheets to prime their values from markers. I was able to set values at the prototype level by dragging the prototype window bigger, right clicking in the white space, selecting the property sheet, and entering values. I was unable to save these values at the individual unit level unless I moved the property sheet out of the prototype and into each unit.

At some point down the road, I’m sure I will add more items to this list. I’d prefer to set these up as a prototype. Anyone have any good ideas?