Setting units in Game Piece Pallets as Masked by Default


My first Vassal module went well except for the last few hickups I’m trying to straighten out.

I’ve setup a Game Piece Pallet with a panel and several game pieces in it (units in a block game). Now, I’d like the units to be masked by default when the scenario is started but it doesnt seem to work.

I tried masking and saving the scenario but that doesn’t work. Once I restart the program, the panel comes up with units unmasked.

I believe this is one of those things which is unreasonably hard to do in Vassal - many convoluted workarounds have been invented, but the easiest thing to do will be to use the ‘Startup Command’ (sp?) included in Vassal 3.2, soon to be released in beta. Give your mask-by-default pieces a Trigger Action or something, have it flip the piece.

The pieces you want to mask in the palette–do they get the Mask trait from a prototype? Because you can’t set a trait to a pre-set value (such as masked) if the trait comes from a prototype. The mask trait has to be directly on the piece.

You can set the prototype to a pre-set value, but you have to do it in the proto definition dialog. It can be a little tricky if the proto doesn’t include an image preview. (See the Designer’s Guide, p 62.)

Thanks for the tip!

The mask trait was given through prototype and had to work on propotype prperties as mentioned on p62.

It wasn’t straightforward (worked on one type of units but not others for no particular reason, once I mannually selected each piece, it worked) but eventually got it to work.