Setting values in prototype property sheets by Markers

Hey guys,

I’m fairly new here. I’ve been playing around with Vassal for about 20 hours so far, and I’m already working out the mechanics to build my own module. In that spirit I’d like to make a request for a feature.

Basically, I have several units, all of which use the same data, so I’m building a property sheet in a prototype. When I build each unit’s counter I’d like to be able to just use markers to define the behaviour in the property sheet.

I’ve been able to have markers or dynamic properties alter the behaviour of labels, but I’d like to be able to have that control over the behaviour of a property sheet as well. Even if it can’t be done to a prototype, setting initial values to a property sheet everytime you load a module is going to be painful.

If you apply the Property Sheet trait directly to the piece, you can open the property sheet by right-clicking the piece graphic when editing the piece and set your starting values. Those values will remain in place at game time.

I realized that. The problem with that is everytime I alter the property sheet in the unit stats, it resets in the game.

However, if the Property Sheet is defined within a prototype, then these changes
will only ‘stick’ in the prototype and affect all pieces. Changes to an individual
unit will be lost as you have seen.

To allow this to work, you have to define the Property Sheet directly in each
individual unit, not in a prototype.


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Of this I am aware. I had done this, but as I said - making changes to the property sheet when editing the module resets the properties in the game even when attached to the final counter (not the prototype). It’s livable, but I’d still love to see the property sheet a bit more resilient. Further, I’d love to see the property sheet more accessible, or if it is accessible, some documentation to see how.

Suppose the property sheet has a property called HP. I’d love for a DP to be able to change the HP’s maximum when the key is fired.

That is either a Vassal or Module bug. Please post a link to the module
and the name of the counter causing problens.

Good idea. I have added

RFE [2725945] Allow Property Sheet values to be changed programtically


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Ah, Wonderful. :slight_smile:.

As requested. Here is my module, bear in mind, Its still in deep experimentation.
The counter giving me issues is called “Oberth”

Works as expected:

  1. Opened the Frigates panel
  2. Double clicked on the Oberth counter
  3. Right-clicked on the graphic at the top of the dalog and selected Properties
  4. Entered some values in the fields, clicked Apply, then close
  5. Saved the module and quit vassal
  6. Play the module
  7. Start a new game
  8. Pull an Oberth counter onto the map
  9. right-click on it and select properties
  10. I see the values I set in step 4

Am I misunderstanding what you expect to see? Please describe in more detail.


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No, that happens right. The problem is when I try to edit the property sheet in the module editor again.

Edit the module, add a property to the property sheet. Now go to the counter, right-click and open up the properties. All the values have reset.

Again, its workable, but just a small glitch, I think.