Shifting Sands Cards & Units

I need a bit of help trying to find where/how to get cards and units within the module for Shifting Sands. If I open a New Game I cannot find any cards or units. Even using Campaign I only have startup units on board and no cards. I am obviously missing something, can someone offer a suggestion?


When I choose the Campaign game, the cards are in six piles in the lower left of the map. If you choose “New Game” you are getting a blank board and no units because it’s not loading a scenario file.

The person who set this up put the cards and units in hidden piece palettes. You’d have to go into the Editor, right-click these palettes, and uncheck the box that is making them hidden.

Wonderful Joel, thanks.

Just one more question…Editor? where the heck do I find that :slight_smile:

Assuming you have launched VASSAL and are looking the initial Module Library view (listing the names of all the modules you have), you simply right-click Shifting Sands and choose “Edit Module”.

If you want to make edits (there should be no need to do this unless you are trying to build a new scenario from scratch), you’ll want to double-click the nodes in the editor view named “Cards [Game Piece Palette]” and the one immediately above it that is unnamed but shows up as “[Game Piece Palette]”. Both of these have an option ticked to make them hidden. You’d have to untick these boxes and save the module.

In the game (i.e., when you’ve opened it normally, not editing it) Units other than those that begin a scenario on the map are placed on the “Allied FP” and “Axis FP” windows, accessible via buttons in the main toolbar.

Brilliant Joel !

Can’t thank you enough for that little tutorial. Thanks so much for taking the time to explain.