Showing masked counters as "moved"

Is there a way to have a “Moved” flag on masked counters? At the moment, if a counter is masked, the “Moved” flag shows up only on the unmasked side. So there’s no way to tell if the counter has moved without flipping it over.
For an example of this problem, look at the module for Proud Monster Deluxe. Soviet units start the game untried, and there are a lot of them. So it’s very difficult to keep track of which ones have moved. (The module can be downloaded from the Compass games website at

Remember, traits affect other traits that are above them in the list of traits in the piece definition. At the moment, you must have the ‘Mark When Moved’ above the ‘Mask’ tray, so the Mask trait is masking the Moved marker. If you move the ‘Moved’ trait below the ‘Mask’ trait, then the moved flag will be unaffected by the unit masking.

That works. Thanks very much! This module is playable now!