is there any way to play solo as all sides for games that force you to choose eg vietnam totlaer krieg?
tried fiddling with the options in edit module but not getting anywhere
tried saving game as one player and trying to open it as another player as per “playing as multiple players” but not getting anywhere

If the module doesn’t have a “Master” player side that allows access to all components, then you can’t have access to everything from any one player side.

You can edit the module by creating a player side called Master, but then you would have to find every component in the module that is restricted to a player side and adjust the filters so that the the Master side also has access.

For example, if you find a piece with the filter

playerSide = Player 1

You’d have to change it to

playerSide = Player 1 || playerSide = Master

Also, any restricted windows and components that allows you to list the players with access, you would also have to list Master.

Depending on how many restrictions have been placed in the module, this could be quite a chore. I’ve been adding a Master account to all my modules lately. It really helps for playtesting and learning a module …not to mention allowing a game host to switch to the Master side to fix problems created by someone who has suddenly left the game.