Siege of Jerusalem - "C" Multiple Attack marker

How do I make a “C” Multiple Attack marker?

I have posted Vassal module version 2.3 for Siege of Jerusalem which fixes the Multiple attack counter. I tried tricking the counter to display the “C” marker in the 2.2 but to no avail even though the image was included with the counter. I am not sure if you can continue your current game with the 2.3 module or not. Probably not, but you could try loading up your last save and test it. Note I also made changes to the Interphase board I changed the instructions from using Shift/Right to advance the interphase steps, to using the Turn Counter instead. So as long as you see the advance Turn Counter instructions instead of Shift Right, you should be good. Vassal generally does not recognize graphic and trait changes to modules when loading a saved game though. If it doesn’t look, right, stick with version 2.2 until you end the current game you are playing.

The “C” Multiple Attack marker issue is fixed in the new version.

However, when I click through the Interphase board (Shift + Up Arrow works on my iMac as well as the Turn Counter button) steps 16.a - 16.i go into a loop. How do I advance to step 17 or go back to step 15?

I believe you are advancing the turn 16 turn counter and not the main Turn Counter. There are two turn counters, the main Turn Counter and the API Turn 16 Counter. The regular turn counter is the button with the + Turn on it. This advances all of the game periods, phases and turns including the interphases…EXCEPT for steps 16a through 16i. This turn counter is labeled API Step 16. Steps 16a through 16i are unique because they are repeatable by the Roman player for a variable amount of times (player choice), thus they require a separate turn counter. Coincidentally, the shift/up combination advances the turn 16 turn counter, which is what you identified that you are advancing.

The general use of the turn counters goes as follows
Assault Period 1
Repeats AP1 turns 1 through x (x determined by Roman Player)
When and of AP1 determined, right click on turn counter and select Assault Period Interphase List to put the turn counter into the interphase sequence.
Go to the Interphase board to follow the Interphase steps and step instructions.
When the interphase counter reaches step 16, the Roman player decides if mining will occur, and uses the step API Step 16 counter to go through the step 16 substeps a-I.
The Roman player may repeat steps a-I multiple times.
When complete with step 16, return to the main Turn Counter (+ Turn) to move to step 17 and onward.
When the last Interphase step (Step 32) is completed, the Interphase counter will return to the top of the interphase steps and the main Turn Counter automatically advances to Assault Period 2.
Assault Period 2 advances just like Assault Period 1 and the same for the second Interphase, and so on.

I changed to step 9b. I dragged two random Judaean units from the RRDP to the Replacement Stack. When I advanced the Turn Counter using Shift + Right, an error occurred:

Bad Data in Module: Arrow [Send to Location - Move Step Arrow] - Zone not found Zone[$AssaultPeriodInterphase$]=9b

IGNORE PREVIOUS: If I advance the Turn Counter with Shift + Arrow to step 10, the Judaean units do move from the Interphase Board to the map.

I will do some more testing with step 24 (send Roman replacements to map)