Siege of Jerusalem - Turn Record Track bug

The Turn marker on the Campaign tab is stuck on Judaean turn 3.

I can’t change it using the Set Turn Counter dialog box.

I will see if I can duplicate this. Any parameters that I need to duplicate that you think may be contributing to the problem?

Can you send me the vsav file and vlog file so I can play with it?

Looking back through our saved games (we have been playing the campaign since June 2018), this problem first occurred at the start of Roman Turn 4 Assault Phase 3. In other words, the turn marker became “stuck” on Judaean Turn 3 at that point. It did not occur in Assault Phases 1 and 2.

Attached are the vsav files for Judaean Turn 3 Assault Phase 3 and Roman Turn 4 Assault Phase 3.