Simple Card Draw Button?

I’m trying to set up a very simple “draw one card” button, but nothing appears to be working as advertised.

I have one window with a player’s hand, while the deck of player cards is contained in another window. I want a button in the Player Hand window that when pressed will draw a single card from the deck and transport it over to the player window. But I’m coming across two problems:

(1) In my card prototype I have a “Send to Location” command, with the key command named “SendToHand” set to send a card to a specific X/Y position on the player’s hand board. I would like the cards to appear at slightly different positions when sent to the hand so they’re not all in one stack. The simple way to do that seemed to be to insert {Random(100)} in the “Additional X offset” box – I thought that would add a random 0-100 pixel shift to the card’s location. But the cards get sent to the same exact X/Y coordinates every time. Is the syntax incorrect? How do I get the “Send to Location” command to send cards to a X/Y location on a board with a random X offset?

(2) On the Player Hand board, I have a Global Key Command as follows:
Description: Draw Player Card
Button Text: Draw Player Card to Hand
Tooltip Text: sends a card to the Player Card board
Hotkey: (none)
Global Key Command: SendToHand (i.e., the same command name as in my “Send to Location” prototype property)
Apply to counters on this map only? NO
Pre-select (Fast Match)
–By location? YES
----Select by: Specific Map
------ Map Name: Player Deck (the name of the player deck map window)
–By property? YES
-----Property name: DeckName
-----Comparison: ==
-----Property Value: DeckOfPlayerCards (the name of the Deck of Player Cards)
Additional matching expression: NONE
Within a Deck, apply to: Fixed number of pieces: 1
Suppress individual reports?: NO
Report format: (blank)

This sets up a “Draw Player Card to Hand” button at the top of my Player Hand window. When I press the button, it draws a card. However if I move the drawn card then press the “Draw Player Card to Hand” button again, it sends the “Send to Location” command not only to the Deck of Player Cards, but to every already-drawn card in the Player Hand window – it puts them all in a single spot overlaying each other (not a “stack,” I have “Does Not Stack” set; but they’re still all in one spot so you can only see one card)

I thought the restrictions in the Global Key Command (i.e., only apply to a “Specific Map,” only apply to cards matching the expression “DeckName == Deck of Player Cards”) were supposed to restrict the command. How do I make the restrictions apply?

Any assistance would be very welcome.