Simple Question about Updating Prototypes

I am working on a module developed by someone else to fix some bugs. (Samurai Battles, as it happens.) The Command cards are implemented as a Card and each card has a prototype named CommandCard.

When I looked through the CommandCard prototype, I found a Trigger Action that looks like it is where the bug is (refers to Board not Map), so I changed it, but it does not seem like the behavior changed at all.

Based on comments I have heard from other Vassal developers (on other forums), the question is: If you have already created a Card, using a specific Prototype definition, and you modify the underlying definition, does it change all of the Card pieces automatically (a form of prototype inheritance, I suppose), or do you have to delete the Card and add it back, so it will pick up the new prototype definition?

Thanks in advance,


It should work if you are testing with a brand new game/scenario started from scratch. If you are testing using a pre-existing saved game or scenario, you won’t see your changes.

That is basically what I was told by others, when we were talking about game pieces (counters moved on the map, and saved in specific positions in VSAV scenarios). But what about Card pieces? Are they embedded into a VSAV also? I thought that they might not be, but wasn’t sure.

Cards and counters are just the same thing, they are treated the same in Vassal, so Yes, the Cards are also saved into the vsav.

If you want to update a game in a vsav file with an updated prototype, then load the vsav game into vassal 3.2 (i.e. start the game) and use the Tools → Refresh Counters option, then save the game back over the top of the old vsav.

If the saved game contains hidden or concealed (masked) counters, then each player that owns any hidden or concealed counters will need to refresh the game in turn. NB. This only applies if there are counters that are actually hidden or concealed, not just counters that have an Invisible or mask trait. If no counters are hidden or masked, as is usually the case in a scenario start file, then the game can be refreshed by just one person.