Sit-down with the creator of Blockade. Q&A/Tutorial/Game Sesion

Note: Time has been changed from the original posting. This news item updated 7/10/13, 5:03am UTC.

I will be hosting a game of Blockade, Saturday (7-13-13) from 17:30 to 19:30 (UTC -06:00) Central Time. I'm hoping for, at least, three other participants, with whom to demonstrate an ideal Blockade match. Ventrilo is an option for those playing. I would like to record the event via Fraps so if you're going to be one of the players, you need to be cool with that aspect. Please RSVP to my e-mail, or here in the comments, if you are interested in playing a match with the creator. I'll, of course, answer any questions, regarding rules, that anyone might have.

This is a good opportunity for those interested in learning a new and highly competitive game to fully understand just how it works. I'll also discuss advanced strategies. I not only created the game I sat in during extensive testing sessions between some very cleaver and ruthless individuals all fighting for the title of Blockade Master. Eventually I would like to have a leader-board on the Blockade FaceBook page.