site migration

At long last, I think we’re just about ready to move to the new site. Here
are the details of what’s there:

  • Single-sign on. Loging in once, from anywhere, logs you in to the forum,
    the wiki, and the bug tracker all in one shot, with the same account and

  • Forum: phpBB3 is set up.

  • List bridge: We have a new list bridge. Unlike the old one, attachments
    and edited messages are sent out to the list.

  • Tracker: Bugzilla is set up for handling our bugs. We’ll be able to give
    each module its own category, and we can automatically send mail out to
    people who report bugs, rather than doing it manually like we do now.

  • RSS feeds. In addition to the RSS feeds provided by the forum and the
    wiki, there’s an RSS feed for our front-page news.

  • Wiki: Mediawiki is set up.

  • News: phpns is set up to handle the posting of news to our news page,
    the front page, and to our RSS feed. phpns handles multiple categories
    and seems generally pretty nice. It’s not integrated into the single-
    sign on system yet, but I’m supposing that it’s not vital for it to be
    at the point when we move site.

There are a number of things which need doing, for which I’d like to
have some volunteers:

  1. Site testing. This involves going around the new site looking for

  2. Wiki cleanup. The content in the current wiki is in sorry shape.
    When the old content it dumped into the new wiki, it will all be marked
    as being part of the ‘old’ category. Everything in the ‘old’ category
    needs to be reviewed as to whether it’s current and accurate, and
    possibly cleaned up and reformatted. Secondly, it would be helpful to
    have the wiki organized into someting which makes sense as a body of
    documentation and tutorials.

  3. Module library cleanup. The content in the current module library
    is a mess. No two pages are formatted the same. It’s hard to tell what
    files are what, what versions of VASSAL modules are compatible with, etc.
    I’ve created a template for pages in the new module library. The old
    module pages need to be reformatted according to the template. One part
    of this will be determining which modules run with which versions of
    VASSAL, in order that we can note it on the module pages.

#2 and #3 are large jobs, far more than what can or should be done by
one person. What I’d like to have for both of these is someone to head
up each effort, round up volunteers, and to coordinate everybody who’s
working on each task. E.g., there are maybe 600 module pages. It’s not
so much work to reformat any individual one, so if we can get maybe
10 people who each handle 6 per day for 10 days, then we’re done.

In the long run, I’d like to have somebody who is responsible for
curating the wiki and the module library. (These need not be the same
people who head up the initial conversion, but they could be.)

Finally, I have some questions about the mechanics of the site switch.

  1. There will have to be a change in DNS so that all the
    records point to the new server. The simplest thing would be if the
    master nameserver were changed over to so that I can edit the
    zone file myself.

  2. Conducting the switch so as not to miss any changes to the old site
    but also not to shut it down for hours is something which I’m finding a
    bit perplexing. It seems like once I’ve dumped the old forum to the new
    forum, we need to shut off the old forum to prevent posts from being lost.


Ready for 1) Site testing …

I can too manange my 40 modules in the point 3) to pass to the new page template …