Small World

I wanted to try out a game of Small World. I have never played it so I would need to ask a couple of questions, and I might make mistakes. I have an skype account lopoman304 if anyone wants to play also.

I have created a module for Small World that includes Tunnels, Underground, Tales and Legends… I haven’t uploaded the latest version to the vassal site yet but I would play with you either PBEM or Live some time… PM me if you would still like to…

Yeah, I would like to participate in a friendly match of Small World. The other day I saw a group of my friends play the game and I sat, watched, and learned most of the game.They don’t play the same game often so, I’m relying on testing out the game here. If anyone would like to host a game, and would be comfortable with me asking annoying questions, add me on Skype (QuesadaAndy02) and PM me so we can play a match. Very excited.:smiley:

Anyone interested in playing Small World?! I’m right now waiting in the console for players, join now!