Smallest possible module

I tried creating a module for reproducing a bug, and I can’t manage to get a counter to show up on the map. Is it possible to have a module with no images at all? I tried making the map/board constant green colour, and putting a single yellow rectangle game piece on it, but the game piece never showed up in the vassal player. What is the minimum that is needed to achieve a plain colour board with one plain coloured game piece on top of it? Do I need to have a prototype for the game piece or can I just define the game piece and say where it is positioned on the board?

The minimum would be 1 piece defined in the main game piece palette with a single image specified in the Basic Piece trait (or in a piece defined in an at-start stack). This single image would either have to be loaded in from outside the module, or created using the Game Piece Images (GPI’s) system which allows you to generate png images within the module. If you create an image as a GPI, you should see it inside the images folder if you open the module, and you still need to select in the Basic Piece trait of a Game Piece.

Or grab one of the existing near-minimum-modules already lying around (e.g. I know you have UndoBug.vmod) and just delete stuff you don’t want.

That worked, thanks!