snap to grid questions

I want to snap to a rectangular grid, and suppose I have the edge/vertex option turned off. I want the pieces to be perfectly aligned. Does the top left pixel of a piece image align with the closest top left board cell pixel, when using snap to grid? Or does the central pixel of the image align with the closest central pixel of a cell? Should piece images and cell dimensions be an odd number of pixels in each direction? An even number?

Now suppose I have the snap to edge/vertex option turned on. Should the pieces and cells have even pixel dimensions in order to align exactly the same way every time?

If an image is larger than the dimensions of the cells of a grid, will the entire piece image display, or will it be cropped? I will use transparent background for the pieces.

I just thought I’d ask before I generate the images. Thanks for your time.

From my experience, the center point on a game piece is what snaps to a grid point, or region point. You can make the piece any size you want. If you have a rectangular grid with cells 100x100 and a piece that’s 100x100, the piece will sit withing the cell perfectly. Dimensions of a grid have no influence on piece size or display …it’s simply a place on the board where the piece will snap.

For example, if the horizontal and vertical spacings on the board are both an even number of pixels, then there are arguably four central pixels for each cell, not one. If a piece image has odd dimensions, then it has just one central pixel. So, it might conceivably snap to any of four slightly different locations on a specific cell, depending on which pixel it was closest to at the moment the mouse clicks. But I will be sure to stick with even dimensions for my cells and my images. I appreciate your response.