Solo mod

Can anyone help me with what I would need to do to create a solo version of ‘Liberty Roads’

I have just about figured this out. I can now draw the chits from either side using solo but I can’t flip them over. Can anyone tell me what else I need to do.

There is no solitaire player defined in the module version 1.4.3. So you would have load the module into the VASSAL editor. Then under “Definition of Player Sides” add a “Solitaire” player. Then, where the chits are defined, edit the Mask properties to allow the Solitaire player to unmask. Save the module; close the editor; then launch the module and enter as the Solitaire player.

Thanks. I did what you suggested previously. But I still couldn’t flip the chits over. I then found some other setting that I changed and it’s working now.