Solution to Small Print on Vassal Screens

Howdy Gents,

I, like so many, found for the last few years Vassal Modules on a few of my computer screens looked tiny. Couldn’t read the print. Several non-working solutions have been proposed here but overall they failed to solve the problem. Recently a compatibility problem cropped up when my Win7 HDMI came across as badly pixelated on my brand new TV. I contacted a computer guru friend who told me my ten year old Video Card was to blame. He installed a brand new (expensive) computer gaming Video Card. Now I don’t play such games on my computer, but it sure made one hell of a difference to my Vassal Mods. I can now sit upon my couch 20 feet away from my big screen TV and actually see the controls on my TV screen. I’ve been programming Vassal Mods on my laptop because I couldn’t read the screen. BUT NOW, the module tool bar and all the various controls in the Vassal Mod Creation screens are absolutely readable.

So for all those like me unable to read their Vassal Mod controls, you may well have an outdated Video Card. Sure solved my problem.