[Solved] Protype + Restrict Commands problem


I’ve been experimenting with Vassal and so far so good. However i’ve not been able to use the “restrict commands” with protype(s). For example having prototype with “delete” and then “restrict commands” to hide the menu item does not work for me. If i apply it in the game piece, it works.

Am i missing something here? Any help is appreciated.


Got it working now. Apparently you have to “restart” for the changes to take effect instead of close/new game method i’ve been using up until now…

I think you’ll find that to be true with a lot of changes. As a rule of thumb, I’ve gotten into the habit of closing the module and re-opening it before testing most of the changes I’ve made. …I’ve spent a lot of time in the past trying to fix things that were never broken in the first place.