[some features]


first of all, i would like to thanks the team for provides a such great software to play boardgame.

Since my first online play on smallworld some features wihch could be nice:

Chat: the game messages are mixed with the opponent’s messages, so after some play it hard to follow the game and the conversation. I think i might be nice to seperate game messages from the players (and maybe add their side before the name.

Vicotry point: the module use Simple piece to manage the VP (as the real game), so at the end you have to count yourself the VP. I think a “Victory Point” trail would be nice to set the VP of a piece, and offer a way to show a window with the VP of players (added to unmask to hive/show you VP)

Game scheduling: i think if would be nice to have a way to contact a player not connected to a module but which have it to request for a play, and way to send to all.

I wait your comments on my proposals