Some help needed?

I need some help with making modules. I’m making a module about the conflict in the eastern front, not based on any actual wargame currently in existance.

  1. Is it possible to create “dices” that roll random numbers?
  2. I see some modules like v40k has a some pieces beside the map. How do I get them into my module?
  3. I have trouble with layers.
  4. I’m new.

Your questions are a “bit” unspecific. My suggestion: read the manual.

  1. I’m not sure what you mean, all dice roll random numbers. If you just want normal dice, then right click on [module], click on “add dice button” and choose the number of dice and sides.

  2. It’s called pre-defined setup. You place some pieces on the map save it and add the savegame to the menu. Read the manual for further informations.

  3. Specify.

  4. Welcome. :slight_smile:

On Sep 19, 2008, at 5:53 AM, panzeriv2 wrote:

Sure. But isn’t that what all dice do? Or do you have some specific
requirement for something other than a traditional 1-N die?

Not sure what you mean by pieces, and I haven’t looked at the v40k

If you mean counters, then it is easy to place them anywhere on the
map image. Vassal itself doesn’t understand the image that is
available. In addition to the map, it is possible to put counters in
other windows as well.

If you mean other windows, then they can also be added.

If you are really curious about how the v40k module did anything, you
can just open the module in the editor and examine how it is

OK, this is way too vague to allow any help. What kind of trouble are
you having? What don’t you understand, or what isn’t working the way
you would like it to?

Welcome to Vassal module development. As noted above, you can learn
by looking at other modules. Also, working through the examples and
tutorials can help. Finally, when you have questions, you should
provide as much detail and specificity as possible. Saying “Feature F
doesn’t do what I want.” is next to useless. Much better is “I want
to achieve effect E in my module. I can’t get feature F to do E.” is
much better.

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Thank you all for your tolerance.

As for my layer problem, when I click activate, it does not cycle though the layers

And i have no idea what skorpio mean, can you elaborate?

Activate only changes the state of a layer on/off

If the layer has more than 1 level (multiple images) then you also need to add the commands to cycle through the levels in the 2 fields below the Activation field. These are usually defaulted to “Increase” and “Decrease”

Do you mean you want to use the markers from the v40k module? Then you would have to extract the graphics from the module, insert them in yours and make the pieces yourself, but ask Dezartfox first if that’s ok.

Or is there a way to copy a game piece/marker from one module to another?


  1. It’s called pre-defined setup. You place some pieces on the map save it and add the savegame to the menu. Read the manual for further informations.


Erm can you elaborate on this? I’m not interested in what counter v40k have, but on the structure. When i examine v40k, i got nothing.

It’s used for scenarios or if you want to have some pieces already on the map when you start a new game. First start a game and place the pieces where you want. Then save the game, right click on module, choose pre-defined setup and select the savegame.

Thanks! that’s all of my questions solved.