Someone want $25 to make a piece of a module for me?

So I had posted a request recently asking about how to do a Yahtzee style dice thing… and I just can’t get my head around how to do that. So at this point, I’d really rather just pay someone to do it. I don’t know how long something like that would take to make, but I’m offering $20. What I need are 3 red dice and 5 white dice (or just make 8 dice of any kind… I’ll probably want to replace the die faces later), and you get three rolls and can lock/unlock any of them for the first two rolls, but after the third roll they’re all locked. Actually, there doesn’t need to be a “locked after third roll” mechanism… you just have to stop rolling then. It would be nice if there was some kind of “reset” or “new turn” button, though, to unlock everything. I don’t care what anything looks like or where the dice are placed on the screen or anything like that… I should be able to move everything around and replace the die faces myself. Once I have that on its own as a module, I’ll probably be able to go in and learn better about how it’s done, but starting from scratch or trying to figure it out from existing modules is just too difficult for me to grasp right now.

Also, I’ll throw in another five bucks if you can make three little boxes in a row, where if you click on the box, it is checked off. I actually need a lot more than 5, but I figure I can copy and do the rest of them once I have the three. Again, I can replace the graphic for the box and the checkmark, so you can just use whatever you can find for that.

Someone want to do that for me?