Space Crusade

Link for Mission One (Seek & Destroy) download:

Known issues(ongoing list):
Doors delete when closed (FIXED - for next beta)
untrapped on Out-of-ammo in 3.0 (doesn’t stop it working)
lure of chaos on heavies gives a bolter (do it again gives the chaos marine… easy fix)

To be added:
Order Cards.

I’ve been working on this module for a while and have a rough working set, thankfully it is quite a simple game in terms of the actual mechanics…

Would anyone be interested in play testing?

I have been converting the original game though have been building support for the first expansion 'mission dreadnought along the way…

Currently have Ultramarines and Alien player (sort of GM) in a ready to go state…

With equipment cards (orders on the way)
Alien event deck and all the pieces… (though do need to make doors…)

I will post some examples soon, so it will become clear what I am doing. I have kept the look of the game in the style of the original board game; but with a few ‘updates’, like using Heavy Bolters instead of Assault cannons… but with the same game mechanics…

Bye for now!

Sounds pretty cool to me :smiley:
I’m from the V40k team :smiley:

I also have worked on a Space Crusade module quite some time ago. Here is the link:

The sprites are just some crappy photos I took as place holders till I could get some better shots. I never quite got around to finishing it.

I liked your HeroQuest module, mate. I hope to play it some time :slight_smile:

…wow just looked at your SC and its quite different from mine… I must admit I resized 40K Module top-down pieces…

Is that ok? or are there individuals I need to credit? Obviously I dont mean to tread on anyones toes (except Big business - obviously)

I was going to get screen shots from DOW from top-down (using full 3d camera) but thats gonna take some time to edit down into individual models etc…

Mines adapted a little… I ‘built’ my boards from samples taken from the real boards; but used the computer game format of doorway squares, for that shutting doors on critters feel once ‘master controls’ is in play…

…took me AGES to do… phew…

I will post some screens at some point soon, I hope!

I’m gonna update bits… weapons and equipment extras, maybe chapters… but early days to be fair… I’ve got the bare bones down just completions tweaks and expansions to go, yay!

May I use your die bmps? I did have scans I nicked off some fan / bits sale site, but seem to have deleted them by mistake (and yours are better…). Already have card scans and event deck sorted…

Anyways glad there are some Space Crew nuts out there!

Go ahead. Seeing your module in action might get me inspired to work on a few more. :smiley:

Yeah using our stuff is fine too,
The stuff from our V3-5-5 wasn’t even made by our team (that was before I worked on it) but 80% off the stuff in V5 is made by me,

Thanks guys, really appreciated!

I tried the ripped DOW sprites; but they look… too good, if you get me ? ?
Just too realistic for the board sections… meh, I ain’t doing the boards again, they took ages :cry: so may well need the 40Ker sprites [great Mod by the way, I played 4th(?) edition for the first time on vassal and it was sweet. I hope to have a go at the 5th; but need a teacher…

…anyway, moving on…

I was using mask function for the blip tokens , but I reckon using the system you did is actually better… with a reveal ‘change’ blip to fig. It makes sense, trouble shoots one problem I’ve had with blip movement and a potential one with dreadnought revealing…

Won’t take long to get right :wink:

Where do I upload/ playtest the thing, anyway?

One of the best places to upload a module is on a free website storage site such as Mediafire. There are many more out there to choose from. Then simply post the download address and once enough people download it, they can start playing.

I think (you may agree) that the figs from DOW look a little out of place some how… whereas the others look good.

Gives you a hint as to the maps too :slight_smile:

Excellent work Danjaman! I really like the way you’ve added extra spaces to hold the doors. Makes the map tiles look much better.

Thanks, man, much appreciated feed back… Can’t wait to get this puppy on the road. Need doors; but I think I may be getting too ambitious, red light closed… switch to door open green light open (with door removed…); but we’ll see!

Heres doors; but there is a problem with the snap to grid… because it straddles a squaure ratherthan filling two :frowning:

Without snap to grid the placing of single squarte figs is a pain…

Sorted the snap to fit grid bug, as you can see by the size of the Door piece when selected (bottom door opened); and I think they look better now too…

Thats looking great.

Only found Vassal this morning purely by chance, and have fallen in love with building little Heroquest maps. Talk about childdhood memories.

The otehr version of Space Crusade seems to have gone AWOL. All the links for it have gone dead. Did GW swing the Lawyer hammer, or has someone got a more upto date link?

I’ve taken down my version of Vassal Space crusade as I’m currently updating it. Danjaman’s version looks pretty good though so maybe I’ll wait and see how his turns out. :smiley:


Those screenies are looking pretty spiffy arnt they?

Any chance of a peek at the Dreadnaught? lol.

I was just going to post something about that; because there is a problem with it… :frowning:

It just doesn’t work like a single square fig… but won’t snap to a 4 block. I would hate to have to ditch snap-to; but I’ve tried all I can think of for now…

Anyway theres a Dread’ variant…

Suggestion - offset the main image as a layer on top of a blank main piece. Shift it down and to the left till it fits in right.

Moving - turn left or right - use a trigger that 1. rotates the piece 90 degrees 2. moves the piece to the left/down so that it looks like it is rotating around the middle.

Hope this helps


thanks man, appreciated

learning more and more about vassals potential. Gonna stream line some functions now i understand the layers and triggers functions a bit better.

adding layers for dreadnought damage and maybe better board set up features too…

May be a lot longer to finish than i had previously thought; but better for it I would hope!

Blitzed through a lot of it today and shouldn’t take all that long now…

had to read the rules, for details forgotten, like no diagonal moves for Dreads and no doors between board sections…

Anyone willing to test it out once its packaged up?