Space Empires: 4X

Looking for a 2-player PBEM game of Space Empires. Have played it once using the Standard Rules and it was a great experience. Want to play much more :slight_smile:


I’d be intersted, but would probably also need to start out with the standard/basic rules as it would be my first game other than a couple of solitaire tries…

PM sent.

Hi there

I would be interested, have only played the game solitaire so far so it would be great to try with an opponent.

Never used Vassal before, only just discovered it, so hope you don’t mind a newbie.


Hi there,

I’m not always good at saying “no”, so right now I’m involved in three game sessions of Space Empires on Vassal. Cannot handle more than that :slight_smile:

Maybe Shadoglare would like to participate in one more game session?


if you are available :

I’m available by PBEM.
I do not know how, but we organize a game just for fun.

I am Italian and I speak English easy.
contact me if you want to organize.

Looks cool.

I think with this one I’m going to stick to one game at a time, as a new player I’ll probably have enough to keep straight with just the one game ;)

Argh! I had this and sold it due to lack of opponents and now theres a whole group on here! :astonished:

Is the Vassal mod quite user friendly with this?

So far it seems to be quite good, and has some nice features such as being able to keep track of a group’s stats under a sub-menu by right-clicking on the token rather than having to track all of the ship status on a piece of paper if you prefer.

Nice, I might check it out and actually get to play the game for once! :slight_smile:

Anybody interested in a 2 player Space Empires? PBEM, or maybe arrange a time to play live.