Specific card placement in a deck

To those who have helped me in the past with hints and tips, I appreciate all the help and I swear I am almost done asking questions.

That being said:
I have a deck of cards that is to be shuffled. Then I want a specific event card to be placed 3/4 of the way down the deck.

I would otherwise have no problem just shuffling it in the mix however I don’t want to have the card show up too soon. – When that card rises to the top, we switch to another deck to start a more difficult phase 2 of the game –

Tips/comments/codes/scripts? Where do i even start?


Just a thought, is it possible to measure the amount of cards in a DISCARD deck. Once this number reaches the designated number, is it possible to force the SPECIAL card as the drawn card/to the top of the deck?

If you have your deck set to shuffle, you can’t place a card on top and expect it to stay there. In fact, the deck doesn’t really shuffle. When a deck is set to shuffle, it’s just handing out a random card whenever a card is drawn from it.

However, as you suggested, you can place a card into the deck at an assigned time …in this case, based on the number of cards in the Discard deck. If you check the box “Perform Counting of property expressions”, this will create a system variable called (DeckName)_numPieces. So, if your deck is called “Discards”, the variable Discards_numPieces will give you a card count. You just need to have a check set up somewhere that looks at this count every time a card is discarded and if the number matches what you want, you can have the game insert the special card into your draw deck.