Speed Circuit

I just found this online. This is a great game! Anyone want to play?.. please reply to post. :smiley:

You want to play live or by email? Which rules? How many players?

I would like to play live if possible, we can do either avalon or wbc rules ( i was studying wbc rules last night). 5+ players would be best.


pacific. you know on second thought it may be more applicable to play via emails?

PBEM would work for me. There are some rulesets around being used for PBEM Speed Circuit play. Like pbemitalia.it/speedcircuit/

cool site! I didn’t know it existed. I registered+signed in, will check out rules, etc…

I also just discovered VASSAL and that it had this classic as a module. Too late to get into the PBEM?

I don’t think it’s too late yet.

Awesome. Just e-mail me the log-file when its my turn. I prefer red or blue, but whatever is left over is left over.