SPQR deluxe 2.5

I have d.loaded the SPQR module from the GMT site, and the one here. The one from the GMT site appears to have no modfile to load in the zip?

I see all the maps etc but vassal will not recognize a file to load.
If I use the mod from here it throws an error message saying do I really want to use SPQR rather than SPQR Deluxe, if I say yes there is no info in the log file I load.

I am trying to watch the SPQR play thru that GMT had on its site…
im running 3.1.14 of vassal on a mac.

Thus spake “hipshot”:

The file you’ve downloaded is the module. Don’t unzip the module (or,
if your browser is doing that for you, prevent it from doing that).


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Thx. I knew about the zip thingy. I can now load the games fine but vlogs will not load.

I am going ot try running my own game save the log and try to reload - it might be an issue with the GMT vlogs i d.loaded.