I’d like to combine the two SPQR versions (2.5 & deluxe 1). The Deluxe version obviously has better map quality & for whatever reason, there are actually 5 unused maps contained in the zipfile for the remainder of the deluxe expansion scenarios (ten maps total), i’ve set those up, no problem. Version 2.5 has the rest of the maps used in most c3i scenarios & all the extra units for the add-on SPQR games. I’ve tried moving the V1 maps over to 2.5 but the scaling is slightly off…so …instead, I’d love to be able to import the additional units from the 2.5 version & would appreciate any advice as to how difficult this is (i’m not particularly vassal-developing-literate but i’m trying). I also prefer the 2.5 way of displaying Depleted units…the deluxe way is much too subtle, so any direction to correct this would be appreciated. Finally, would like to see the Barbarian SPQR maps & units incorporated into the vassal mods if anyone has any properly scaled map scans. Thanks…rick

For the question of map scale, you can resolve that by resizing the map graphics in an image editor. Photoshop (or its free equivalent) GIMP would work great. Then you can re-add them to the new module at the right size.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick/easy way to copy a set of pieces from one module to another. The most straightforward way is probably to list all piece traits from the first module (I’d list the traits on paper or spreadsheet, noting all the settings for each Trait), and then re-construct the pieces in the new module using your notes. It’s not particularly elegant, but it’d work.

If the old module uses Prototypes, you’d only need to copy the traits from the Prototype Definitions over to the new module (and then assign the Prototype traits to counters in the new module.)

Thanks for the suggestion. Am trying slight increases in the V1 maps with the same offset as in the V1 mod in V2.6 & i’ve got the single counters to align ok but the double counters are giving me a hard time, as if they were want to be “between” hexes.

Got a working solution, V1 maps needed to be between 9 & 10% bigger & after reading the online Vassal manual, i realized i just needed to adjust the superimposed hexgrid to allow for piece-centering. Mycenae, appreciate your guiding me away from the idea that it would be simpler to move the counters over…kind of like moving an entire house because you found a really nice front lawn. There’s really nothing wrong with the V2.5 counters & i’m looking forward to playing these other SPQR scenarios on these great maps!

Hey Cats: How goes this module update? I’d love to get my paws on this one myself but have been WAY too lazy to try to undertake the effort you’re doing here for myself. I am, however, certainly not above freeloading on the back of someone else’s work ;-)

Dogmatix, i’m just now geting into SPQR after “unlearning” all the Alexander GBOH rules. Have just started playing (& have inserted the scaled down map) Bagradas Plains & it seems fine…counters are centering well, even though the scale is ever so slightly off. The V1 version is a really well made mod & very clean but i actually prefer the handling & settings for the 2.5 version, especially the rout/rally, move, depletion functions & the larger size of the counters compared to the hex size …so…it will be a lazy mans special ‘new’ & ‘improved’ 2.5 with just the added scanned-scaled maps from V1, including the 5 additional 'buried maps that allow you to play the rest of the SPQR deluxe scenarios. The 2.5 counters are a little gritty & grainy but i like them. If you don’t mind bugging me again in another few weeks, i’ll send you what i’ve done & should have most of the scenario setups set

Cool. Thanks for both making the effort and (eventually) making it available. No problem for me to ping you again down the road a bit.