Spreadsheet Trait Functionality

Is it possible to do any calculations in the spreadsheet such as multiplication/subtraction/addition/division?

I am trying to create a counter called “Task Force” that will contain a spreadsheet. The spreadsheet details the number of ships of several types (Battleships, carriers, cruisers etc.) that are in the task force. Each ship type uses a set amount of fuel per turn. I want to know the fuel consumption of the Task Force as a whole and was hoping to get this information through the spreadsheet trait. The formulae for a normal spreadsheet would be very simple but the VASSAL spreadsheet appears to be a simple grid which has no function other than to store text strings and numbers that cannot be manipulated in any way?

As you say, the ‘spreadsheet’ is just a grid to store text. However, I understand computed properties are planned for Vassal 3.2.

Thank you.

Could there be another way of doing this?

I would like to automate the process so that I can see the fuel consumption at a glance of all the ships in the task force - perhaps through some kind of report that produces a total of all ships based on an individual ship counter property?

An alternative that I have thought of is to set a property on the Task Force counter that can be adjusted +/- to display total fuel consumption (the computation of which may have to be calculated manually) - perhaps as part of a property sheet? The ships in the task force can be held off-board and the Task Force fuel consumption property can be increased/decreased as ships join or leave the Task Force?

Not really a direct solution, but Chris Janiec’s PQ-17 game has a nice, workable task force fuel system. It is more abstract than tracking individual ship oil consumption, but it does work reasonable well.

In essence, there are basically two classes of ships for fuel consumption: heavy and light. Light ships have less endurance than heavy ships (historically accurate). Task forces have the lowest fuel endurance of any ship in it. If all light ships leave, heavy ship endurance goes up. It works quite well and eliminates the need to track detailed fuel statistics – which tends to add tedium but not much in the way of actual fleet management issues.