squad leader, scenario 1 or 2 or even 3

only played vassal a couple of times, same with squad leader (3 now)

would love to play, I’m on now at 7:21 central time and have a couple hours or so to get started.

I have room open now but if not email me and Ill log back in, I noticed it seems to kick you out after a long period

maul (at) cableone.net


Would still love to get in a game, I have a couple guys pbem but it is hit and miss, they are busy, which is fine, so Id like to get another player or two so I can do about a turn or so a day

I can play by email during the day at work, just a bit, some days 1 file, other days maybe more, whatever pace a person wants, you’re welcome to go slower, just letting you anyone know my options

can play live on an evening or weekends if we plan for it a bit in advance so I bring my laptop home (which is always home on weekends)

Id even try scenario 3 but need to read up on those rules again, only read them once.

anyone up for a PBEM? we can switch back and fourth from PBEM and live if time permits, Im pretty much open to ideas.



Ps. in the other pbem game I have going Im Germans so I would prefer the other side for variety but Im open to whatever

I have the game and the rules. Are you yet interested?


sorry, right now I have too many games going so I better hold off, time would be a problem.