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Hi !

I’m working on a Mahjong module, and I’ve a “stacking problem”.

I made zones to put the tiles in (it must be 2 rows of 18 tiles by wall). I managed to make the tiles go perfectly in the zones. But when I make the 2nd row, some tiles disappered and instead of two tiles one above each other, there’s only one tile left and I can’t find the other one. That is when I choose “does not stack” which allow to see the two rows, like in the real game and is more suitable to play. The more strange is that it’s not doing this with all the tiles of the walls …

On the other hand, when I disable “does not stack”, all the tiles go perfectly (each time two tiles one above each other) but it’s really hard to play in this conditions : can’t see the two different rows.

If you have an idea :question:


Thus spake “Forlax”:

I think for anyone to be able to help you, they’ll need to have a copy of
the module.


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Ok : thanks for replying but I think I found the problem.

I left many tiles with the same basic pieces (12 instead of 4) and whith changing this, it seems that it works.

But even if it’s that, it’s still strange that way of desapearing :confused:

By the way, if something goes wrong again, I will post here and as you said, will send a copy of the module.