Stacking options different in a same Map

It is possible to avoid the Stacking options in a small zone of ​​the Main Map? I want to have there a pile of cards without the stacking options of the Map. Thanks for advance.

I am trying to send cards from a deck to another deck with maximun cards to display in stack “1”, but I dont know how to do it!

I don’t know personally how to have different stacking options without it being complicated, sorry… unless, as the second post may suggest, a deck would suffice rather than having an actual stack for that particular zone. If that’s the case, then you just set the deck’s ‘max cards to display’ to 1.

Finally, I created a new empty deck (B) with display 1 card. I realize that send cards from deck A to deck B (Send to location trait), the cards avoid the stacking options of the Map, because they belong to the deck B, displaying always only 1 card. Thank you rrvs for the answer. Greetings.