Stacking Options & Grid points

I have a map with few irregular grid points.
I have chequed Stacking options.
When I try stacked the seventh piece in a pile, the piece jump to another grid point. The grid points have them a limit, a radius of action, ? I do not understand this behavior. Anyone know why?


I would need to see your module and a log file of this happening to give you a definitive answer.


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On Jan 23, 2009, at 5:45 AM, packonn wrote:

I’ve occasionally had something like that happen when I was misled by
the stacking offsets and ended up dragging a unit to the top of the
stack, rather than to the bottom (where the snap-to location was). So
when I released, although it LOOKed like it was on the stack, it was
actually closer to another location and ended up there instead.

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This is the proyect module:

I put a first card in the 5 grid point. Then I put a second card above it, etc. When I put the seventh card in the stack, this card jump to the 3 grid point.

On Jan 23, 2009, at 4:03 PM, packonn wrote:

It’s exactly the behavior that I guessed at in my earlier response.

If you drag the cards onto the BOTTOM of the stack, you can continue
to stack them as much as you like. I was easily able to stack 10
cards there.

If you drag them to the TOP of the stack, you will eventually dropping
them (with the mouse) closer to the #3 or #4 spot than the #5 spot.
And the cards will snap to the closest location.

I don’t really know what to suggest other than reducing the horizontal
offset of the cards, and perhaps spacing the locations out a bit
further apart.

I don’t think one could be try to be too clever and snap to the top of
a stack instead – that would make it impossible to put things next to
a large stack. So, try adjusting the spacing a bit.

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