Stacks/Decks: simple display question


I have a very basic module for a 2-player abstract game.

At start, each player has 3 different decks of cards (all cards in one particular deck are all identical). For this, I’ve created 2 series of 3 Decks.

At his turn, he just picks one of his cards, and plays it on the board.

My questions is:
I can’t manage to make the “stacking options” work: it seems that it works once the cards are played on the board, but not for the original starting deck: should I replace all the Decks with At-start stacks?

An alternative would be to display the number of cards remaining on each Deck, but how can I do that? I’ve searched the forum and tried the TextLabel property, adding $NameofDeck_numPieces$ to ‘Text:’ but it won’t work.



First of all, stacking doesn’t work in a deck.

As far as displaying the number of cards, the “numPices” property is a map level property so that should work if the Text display is on the same map as the decks. If you want to display the number of card in a deck on a different map, then you have to create a trigger that will set a global property with the number of card in a deck and then display the global property on the other map.

If you are trying to display the number of cards on the same map as the cards and it’s not working, send in the module. It’s probably something simple that’s not being set right.

If you want to display on a different map, I can send you a sample.

Thanks for your answer.

Yes it’s supposed to be on the same map. I’m sending you the module right now!

PS: so if I wanted to use the stacking options, what should I do?

Thank you very much for your help, you’re a Vassal god ;)