Star Wars LCG Module?

Hej all,

I’m kinda new to Vassal (and will be using it shortly to play X Wing Mini’s), but I’m looking for a play solution for the Star Wars LCG. The programs available (Octgn, LackeyCCG) just don’t work as well (or not at all on my Mac without WINE/Dual Boot), so I’m looking for a better native Mac OS solution.

Anyone know if there’s a module in development for the Star Wars LCG?

Thanks in advance!

The publisher (Fantasy Flight Games) tends to take a fairly dim view of having their games done in VASSAL, and insist that they be crippled in some way to ensure ownership of the game–e.g., things like blurring out the text of cards.

I am pretty confident you’d find implementing a CCG/LCG game in VASSAL to be a real headache compared to those other programs. On top of whatever challenges you’d have in avoiding clunkiness with card manipulation (dealing, rotating, stacking…whatever this game requires), you’d find that you can’t really do deckbuilding–and more importantly, saving decks for later reuse–in a way that doesn’t completely suck.

Those other programs are specifically designed for card games, which is why they feature much more robust card filtering and deckbuilding tools.

FFG has also been posting job openings for developers lately, and looking for people with Unity experience–so it’s pretty clear that they intend to get a little more aggressive about expanding into the online gaming space, where they’ve been largely absent for years. That might mean they’ll be getting even less permissive about the free alternatives in the future (though I’m just speculating).