Starmada module missing Global Options

The Starmada module is missing a Global Options component. Is there any way to add this component using in the module editor? Thanks, Quickhand

There is no option that I know of to add Global Options if it’s been removed. However …and this is highly experimental …you may be able to add it back in manually by editing the “buildFile” directly.

Make a back up copy of the mod …in case this doesn’t work. Change the .vmod to .zip and unzip the mod into an empty folder. Open the file called “buildFile” in a text editor …I’ve found Windows WordPad to be about the best for this.

You should see a line a few lines down that says:


This is the end of the Player side definition area. Just below that, paste this in:

< autoReport=“Always” centerOnMove=“Always” nonOwnerUnmaskable=“Never” playerIdFormat="$playerName$" promptString=“Opponents can unmask my pieces”>

Save the buildFile, zip it back up, change the .zip back to .vmod and then open it in an editor and see what happens.