Starship Troopers, anyone?

either side.

I am interested. I live in EST.
Have copy. never played it.


Oh, that old gem! We’ve tried it a couple of times, but never one of the complicated scenarios. You don’t happen to know if it is by design that the bugs cannot move in the rough terrain? This always vexed us.

No idea about the bugs in rough terrain. Maybe they’re not on their native planet?

Just started 2 other games on VASSAL. Will have to back out. Sorry.

We looked and looked for some sort of exception where you could always move at least one hex, but found none, which means that the “marines” can always safely park in the mountainous terrain on the map; no idea if that was the designer’s intent, or just an oversight.

Well, parking your Marines in the mountains as a safe haven doesn’t sit quite well with me. I mean, couldn’t the bugs tunnel underneath them and pop up on them, regardless of surface terrain? I think a house rule is in order.

Hmm . … the MI get points for destroying Bug complexes, especially the brains. If the Bug queen and brains are elsewhere, like out in the flat terrain, then the MI has to go out to get them there.

See the fAQ for moving in rough! … ers-faqpdf

It appears they can not always move a hex!

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What vmod are you using for this? Has anyone seen General 13:6 with campaign rules in it?

2.11 I believe