Start a gaming group

Looking for some players to play in a regular gaming group (once a week or every other week) doesn’t matter. Looking to play any games.

I live in the USA in the Central Time Zone

Let me know if you are interested in making a Skype Gaming Group

Yo - I might be interested. What sorts of games do you like?

I might be available if we can work through the details. I’m in the Vancouver BC area; available once a week or every other week. Interested in “Fire in the Lake”; “Axis & Allies”; “Battle for Moscow”; or any other multi player strategy game.

Available, live in AZ, one hour behind PST.

I’m in Eastern Time Zone. I am on disability so can play whenever. I have mostly Avalon Hill titles with some GDW (Air Superiority), CoA Summer Storm and The Speed of Heat. Steve Jackson Games OGRE and Raid on Iran.


I’m in Minnesota (CT) Familiar with some games.
Most AH and other war strategy.

I’m in on that…PST

Additional Avalon Hill titles that I can make rules and charts from discs are 1776, 1914, Afrika Korps, Air Assault on Crete, Alexander the Great, Arab Israeli Wars, Bismarck, Blitzkrieg, Caesar at Alesia, Caesar’s Legions, Chancellorsville, Circus Maximus, Civilization, D-Day, Dune, France 1940, Freedom in the Galaxy, Gettysburg (all versions), Gladiator, Guadalcanal, Jutland, Kingmaker, The Longest Day, Luftwaffe, Midway, Panzerblitz, Panzer Leader, Siege of Jerusalem, Stalingrad (both versions), Starship Troopers, Submarine, Tobruk, Victory in the Pacific, Victory at Sea, War at Sea, Waterloo and Wooden Ships & Iron Men


I also own old Squad Leader 4th ed. but having trouble getting boards to work on VSQL

1: please give the time in GMT (- whatever). the american system tells me nothing and
2: you did not give a time for playing anyway, so I have no information
3: skype what? video or chat? i am not interested in video. my cam is terrible and i have a skin condition so i do not really want to use that. actually i am not familiar with skype, but presumedly that is no problem

Other than that i am particualrly interested in GMT games and I want to try out games that can also be played solo, so I know if they are worth a purchase, like: gears of war and space empires

I’m interested. EST.

If this thread isn’t dead i’m down to join a gaming group. i’ve got enough time to play a few games a week at least. Just PM me or whatever passes for that here. I’ll be sure to check this thread for the next few days and my on profile for responses. Also EST over here if it matters.


I am intrested in getting involved with this gaming group. I am in the central time zone as well (Wisconsin) and have a flexable schedule.

I play mainly AH/GMT games but do enjoy others as well.

Please let me know if this gets started



You still looking for people to join your gaming group??

I play just about anything and learn quickly.

Please let me know Jay

I’ve done a lot of live Skype/Vassal gaming. Although I live in England it is possible to do a live session. I sometimes play someone in Texas while it’s in the morning and afternoon at my place. I do a lot of historical games with a preference for pre-20th Century.

I live in East Asia so I am not sure about the scheduling.

I am interested however.

Also of note is that Skype is rather hard on PC resources

discord is a better product IMHO

Count me in . Very interested in multi-player . My games include : few old AH - war & peace , Dday , russian campaign , russian front ,bulge , blitzkrieg , Victory games - Gulf strike , central america GMT - Fields of despair , Labyrinth ,wash war ,triumph & tragity ,clash of giants civil war , Multiman publishing - warriors of god , kingdom of heaven and athen & sparta .

If there is room for 1 more. I live in Europe. I own, Tac Air, Russian fron, Seige of Jerusalem,Fires of Midway, Normandy’44, Fab bulge, Fab sicily, World in Flames and many more.

If you folks are still doing this, I’m interested. Just learning VASSAL but Skype sounds interesting. For a good group, I’ll buy a game if I don’t have it.

I am in a similar position to Wrecktangle. I just retired and moved across country. So lost all my ftf opponents. I need to find new opponents. Semi-new to Vassal, willing to learn (almost) any game.