Start-Up Image

I was wondering how one adds a start-up graphic to replace the default VASSAL splash image. I have seen it in other modules (Afrika Korps, for example), but I don’t see how they did it. While the image tends to look faded in VASSAL, when I examine the same image in an image program, it looks normal, so I am assuming that VASSAL handles that part. Therefore, I have two related questions:

  1. Can anyone tell me how to add a new splash screen (wrong term perhaps) graphic?

  2. How does one implement the “Wizard” effect where the program walks you through set-up steps, listing the steps on the graphic and ghosting (or non-bold) all but the current step, and providing radio buttons with the options in the right-hand pane.

I appologize if advance if this has already been posted. I have searched the forum, but with no luck. Maybe I’m simply using the wrong terms. Thanks for any help anyone can provide.


If you add an “About Screen” component to the module (under “Help”) the image will be used in the wizard automatically. In future versions, we’ll provide ways to specify a splash screen on startup.


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Excellent. Problem solved. Thank you very much.