Starting counters on map / random drawing

Hi guys,
I have a hex grid map and would like to place random tokens (taken from a shuffled deck) in different areas of the main map (one for each hex).
Drawing random pieces is not a problem, using the shuffled deck.
Do I need to create a “Send to Location” GKC for each destination?
Or is there an easier way to do it?
I have a total of 81 locations to fill with a single piece each (let’s say a “card”) and would like to manage this with a toolbar button on the setup map tab.
Is there a fast/simple way to do that?
Thank you in advance.

A trigger to send to a hex number, where the destination is value based on a property, and the trigger loops and increments the property each time.


Thank you for your reply,
I’ve setup a “Send to Location” property, but I cannot figure out how to increment “dinamically” the additional X offset “times” value.


One way to do it is have “times” as a {property}, the same property incremented by the looping Trigger.