Starting HeroQuest (or a game like it) in about 1½ hour.

Hi everyone!

Me and Herodian are starting an adventure board game in about one and a half hour from now (probably HeroQuest, unless there’s another game in the genre you’d prefer).
Everyone is more than welcome to join in. Just leave a reply here, or find us on VASSAL.

You don’t need to be familiar with adventure board gaming at all - but in that case we’ll play HeroQuest, since I’m very experienced with that game, and I’ll just teach the rules as we go.
If you’d like to play a different adventure board game, you need to be experienced with it yourself, since I don’t have any experience with other games in the genre. I’m more than willing to try other adventure board games out though.

If we’re playing HeroQuest, we’ll be using the module that’s hosted in the modules section on this site.

Hope to see you in a couple of hours for some good ol’ bashing in of orc skullz! :slight_smile:

We had a great session last night!
Besides me and Herodian, Yukhan and Rod also joined in, for one hell of a HeroQuest game.

We’ve planned to meet again for another sesseion this thursday.
There’s only room for one extra player, but more spots might be available if someone doesn’t show up.
We’re meeting on VASSAL’s irc channel #vassal on the freenode network, this thursday. No exact time yet - basically we’re just going to log on to the channel, whenever we’re ready. Likely, with two americans, one brazilian and just one european, we won’t start until after the American work day is over - i.e. late afternoon/early evening in American timezones, night time in Europe.
If you fancy a game of HeroQuest, please, feel free to meet us on the #vassal channel on thursday, or catch us while we play on VASSAL (we accept late joining).