Starting out (like everyone else)

So like a few people I am looking to start out making some board games. I have a couple questions though before I start that I hope some people can answer.

  1. Can it be done - From what I read it seems yes as the engine seems very flexible but would like to make sure. Here is the basic outline of the game. There would be a standard tile board upon which one unit for each player would start. The player has what can be thought of as three hands of cards (he chooses them though so they could be counters or any such thing if this was an actual board game). One hand of cards controls the base unit that will come into the game, while the second hand would add modifications to the unit. To use a WWII example the player in his first hand might have cards like infantry, engineers, paratroopers and in his second hand have cards like rifle, smg, bullet proof vest. The third hand would control instant effects (like artillery to continue the example).

The player would also have what would be a pool of counters in a board game. It would steadily increase throughout the game (each turn) and would be used for determining unit creation, unit movement, and main unit defense.

  1. How much time does it take (just getting it to a workable playable game, not the many tweaks afterwards)? I already have a pretty solid layout of what all the the things in the game would be, so I got that time out of the way. I am fairly knowledgeable about computer though kind of a novice with Java. I am just curious though what the total programming time is so I know what to budget over the coming months (years?).
  1. Yes it can be done.
  2. You don’t need any Java knowledge. The most time-consuming part is deciding how your pieces/layers etc. are going to be hierarchialized (yup I know that’s not a real word). The actual implementation of the design is pretty quick - days not weeks.

Thank you meng, that gives me a lot of hope.