Starting point

Thanks to everyone that may read this message and can give me feedback. I know nothing about developing, coding, and really nothing about gaming either. My question is this. Is this site a good place to start work on creating an electronic version of a board game – in this case it is a new board game that I put together and copyrighted years ago with actual physical pieces and a wooden game board. Now I am way too handicapped to push little pieces around on a game board therefore the need for some online tools to test/modify the old board game. Where would be a good place to start? Here?

I am a 60-year-old guy who knows nothing about computers except that I can use one to play online games, send e-mail, surf the web, chat, etc. That’s about it. So I apologize in advance if I don’t belong here with my question in the first place.

Thanks for reading, Phil

Hi Phil, Vassal is a great way to play-test board games you develop. With Vassal alone, the User guide (pdf) and the Designer guide you can to a tremendous amount. For special more complex functions knowing how to script JAVA is good. But, for the most part, for most regular board games you won’t need to do any scripting. It seems a little daunting at first to get started. But, using the guides and the forums you can usually all questions answered.
I would recommend it for you.