Startup Wizard loads in background window

Not sure if this is a “bug” or something fixable with a user setting, but it’s kind of a long-standing nuisance I never bothered to look into further. Often when I launch Vassal, the Startup Wizard loads in the background instead of the active window. Because I’m a compulsive multi-tasker (I can’t wait 5 seconds for a Vassal module to launch, let alone minutes for slower modules), I’ll do something else in another window and a minute or two will pass before I notice Vassal hasn’t “loaded” yet. Then I’ll switch windows, only to find out that it’s been idle for who knows how long on the wizard prompt waiting for me to make a selection. Vassal is the only app I use on a regular basis that does not launch by default with what Microsoft refers to as the Active Window or the Foreground Window. This occurs on every version of Vassal and Windows I’ve used.

Thanks, I’ll add an issue for that. Sounds like the wizard dialog is not being created as a child of the vassal window, which allows it to ‘fall’ into the background. The wizard is a bit dodgy, may be difficult to fix, but we’ll see what we can do.

Yeah. I’ll add the only reason this is a nuisance is that the Wizard doesn’t seem to launch predictably - or maybe I just don’t understand what triggers it. Many times the Wizard is bypassed, so I can safely do something else while a moudle with a 2 minute load time is churning away, then it launches automatically in the foreground window. Other times, the wizard launches when I’m not expecting it, so then those 2 minutes I think Vassal is busy doing something, the Wizard is sitting idle buried at the bottom of the 15 windows I have open. My usage pattern is atypical also. I have 3 monitors and I leave Vassal running for days at a time. During which, I’m constantly alternating between editing and opening modules. I haven’t detected a pattern yet, though I haven’t really tried to. But every once in a while, I’ll launch a module, do something else, then realize 5 minutes later that the module will never load because the Wizard is lurking in the background…

Ah, I believe the issue of the wizard starting unpredictably and not respecting the ‘Don’t use wizard’ preference has been fixed in the next release.

Not sure if you ever opened up a ticket for this one, but the behavior is dramatically improved with 3.3.4beta1. It’s no longer a nuisance ;-)

We haven’t improved anything in that area. And it’s even worse than explained here, at least on Linux. The Wizard doesn’t just load in a background window, it loads in “no window” at all, it does not appear in the task bar, nor in alt+tab’s list of running applications, and after switching to other windows during the wizard’s slow load times, I have to minimize the other windows to get to the wizard again.

And the way this is implemented, it’s not possible to give the wizard a proper active window, since it loads before the main Player window is created and made visible. The only two options are a) get rid of the wizard entirely and b) get rid of the current wizard entirely and write a completely new wizard that appears in the Player, in the area where the main map is, below the chatter.

Like this: [attachment=0]Screenshot from 2020-08-30 14-38-09.png[/attachment]

But, there is no consensus in the development team on this topic. There are supporters of (a), (b1) - write the new wizard in Swing, (b2) - write the new wizard in JavaFX, and (c) keeping things as they are now because we have this glorious wizard “library” that prevents us from having to write our own wizard.

Yeah I probably spoke too quickly. For whatever reason, it worked great yesterday when I was doing some module editing, but the same issues have come back in spades today. I was coming back to this thread to report the problem hasn’t been fixed and saw your post.