StL--counter selected by props, mixture of props

Send to Location enables to send piece to a counter that is selected by properties.

Say, I have a named grid. In each node there is a counter. Say this counter is called Z. There are multiple Zs, in fact, Z1, Z2, Z3,…, Zn.

I have a counters (let’s name them Cs) that I would like to have sent to Zm, where m is determined by the property (marker trait) of the counter C. Namely: Zn is located in grid location XX, and the counter to be sent bears the trait Marker = stl with the value XX.

Is there a way to sent C to a corresponding Z?

Somehow, LocationName==GetProperty(“stl”) does not work. Nor does LocationName==$GetProperty(“stl”)$. Any hints, please?

The alternative is to have C sent to a named location but that would not accept expressions so GetProperty(“stl”) would not work here.


I might be reading your set-up incorrectly, but if you’d like C (stl=4) sent to counter named Z4, then it’d be:

Property match: BasicName=Z$stl$

If each Z is identically named (just “Z”) and you want C sent to the Z that’s located in grid number “stl”, then just send it to that grid location instead:

Grid location: LocationName=$stl$

Hope one of those was what you were after.

That’s the latter. Thanks for the hint but I do recall docs saying that for marker traits you need to refer to them by GetProperty. $stl$ sounds like a reasonable approach, though, will keep you informed.

I ended up with plain StL → Location on the map. Even though it does not show as if it would accept expression, it in fact does accept them. So it is Map → Board → named location ($stl$ did suffice).

Thanks for derailing my mind from the track that apparently lead to everywhere but the most apparent & elegant solution.