STL with multi zone grids and duplicate region names

Is duplicating region name in different zones of the same board, or even map, supported?

I mean, I can do that and there is no error or misreport to chat when I drag pieces around etc. However, Send To Location traits seem to always want to land a place in the first region with the given name on the map.

It would be nice to be able to specifiy the zone (and board, if multiple boards) where the given region name has to be matched in STLs.

I attach here a small test module - made with 3.4.12 but also tested with 3.5.0 beta2 - where I demonstrate the issue.

The board is divided in two zones (Red and Blue). Each of them uses an irregular grid with region names 1,2,3,4,5.

A test piece has two STLs on it:

  1. Send to Slot 5 which sends to region 5, and everything always ends up on region 5 of the Red zone, no matter where you place the piece first;
  2. Send to Slot 3 is similar, but - following the hints from the help pages - I tried sending to the fully qualified “location format” name for the zone (="$name ($gridLocation)" in this example) and it just says there is no such region.

Basically the region name in STLs seems to be matched to actual region names (no matter whats’ in the “location format”) and only the first instance is then matched, whereas it would be nice to match the region in the CurrentZone first, currentBoard next etc.

Any clue if there is a way to actually match the zone as well, without giving unique region name across the board? Thanks.